A selection of older works I did before 2017 which include exhibition design, wayfinding, cultural campaigns and websites.
Feel free to contact me to know more.

→ Assignment for AKV/St.Joost Admission
May 2017

→ Catalog of Grazia exhibition “YOU - The Digital Fashion Revolution”, which took place at Triennale di Milano, published by Mondadori
Project made at Jekyll & Hyde
September 2016

→ Restyling of the book series “Industria & Design” by Electa
Project made at Jekyll & Hyde
December 2014

→ Visual identity for the exhibition “The next supper - retrofuturistic food concepts” by SPD (Scuola Politecnica Milano)
Project made at Jekyll & Hyde
April 2015

→ La Macchina Morbida
Politecnico di Milano Bachelor Thesis with Mario Piazza
September 2014

→ FEED ME A STRAY CAT is a webzine created and developed by five designers based in Milan and coming from different fields
With Sofia Bolognesi, Vanessa Bossi, Alan Crosta, Alice Zani
Politecnico di Milano with Umberto Tolino
June 2014

→ Visual trailer of the movie Il Pasto Nudo (The naked lunch) by movie by David Cronenberg
Politecnico di Milano
December 2013

→ ”900, l’atmosfera di un secolo” is a book about the XX cenury, represented through photography.
My first book ever :)
Politecnico di Milano
July 2012