MM Basel 

Web Design 
finished in May 2020
For MM Basel // made at Claudiabasel

Website for the architecture studio MM Basel, based in Basel. One of the most important goals for the clients was the possibility, through the design of a new website, to show the different aspects they take into consideration while creating
a new building.
            On the website, high quality pictures of the final projects have the same importance as little details, models, and plans.
            A colorful filtering system allows the users of the website to navigate through these different categories, which do not have any hierarchical order.
            The site has a ‘brutal’ aesthetic combined with more sophisticated elements, which respects the studio’s style and desire to get to the heart of a project.

Developing the webiste I worked in close collaboration with Thomas Bircher, partner of Claudiabasel and programmer.

︎ Visit the website here