Palms and other things 

Photography  and Editorial Design
September 2018
Made at HGK Basel Individual Project with Kambiz Shafei

Brivio is my hometown. It is an Italian town of 4.613 citizens, in the Province of Lecco (Lombardy). In Brivio there are many palms, even though the palm tree is not a specific plant of the area. Since I was born in this town, for me it is absolutely ordinary to see palms in the many gardens, but they are weird for people that come to Brivio for the first time and many times friends visiting my hometown pointed out this oddity to me. Starting to do some research about the topic, since the beginning it was difficult to figure out why these trees are present on the territory and it is very hard to find references or sources about this these plants.This book is a documentation of this particular condition in Brivio.