October 2020 - May 2021
For Codici // with Arianna Smaron

codici404 is an independent, biannual magazine edited by codici ricerca and intervento (Milan). Every edition focus on a relevant and current social issue.
            Together with Arianna Smaron I worked on the redesign of codici404. Our main task was to transform the visual language of the magazine and make it more impactful and editorial.
            We ended up design a complete design system for the magazine, which was then applied to a small online shop (where the magazine can be bought) and social media communication.
The previous version of the magazine did not include major changes between articles. We have therefore introduced graphic elements which, by playing with the grid and the texts, identify the magazine and the various sections more clearly.

            Some questions we asked ourselves were:
- How to customise and characterise the magazine while still maintaining its main features?
- Which other fonts could be harmoniously combined with the logo?
- How to identify the sections, while maintaining a transversal style for the magazine?
- How to treat the images in such a way as to enhance them?